Health Monograph between Spain and Libya

The Libyan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is organizing a monograph between Spain and Libya on health, highlighting telemedicine and also health courses.

We continue to carry out actions to activate bilateral relations between Spain and Libya.


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Agriculture in Libya, its future

The Libyan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce continues to work in direct collaboration with the Libyan government and its national companies to develop sectors that, due to their strategy, are essential for the country's development. Agriculture is a primary, fundamental sector that, in the case of Libya, is very underdeveloped, depending to a great extent

Job Opportunities in Libya

The Libyan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce begins the new year, creating synergies between Spanish and Libyan companies, generating value between both countries. For all these reasons, we are going to publish collaboration offers for Spanish and Libyan companies. At this time, companies from the following sectors are requested for Libya: -Renewable energies, construction and sale of materials.

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The new president of the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Farag Darbil and the new director general, Mr. Mohamed Duzan, are in contact with our president of the Libyan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to report their charges and sign a collaboration agreement between our Chambers and activate relationships, commercial,

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