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Hispano-Libyan Chamber of Commerce.

The Hispano-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Culture, Tourism and Sports, is made up of a group of professionals, Spaniards and Libyans who, in 2012, decide to start their activity.

Founded in June 2012, and registered in the National Registry of Associations with number 601115, our entity, seeks to promote the development of Hispano-Libyan relations in its economic, industrial, commercial, financial, cultural, tourist areas, in general, in all those that affect the economy, culture and society of both countries.

To this end, we have provided the corresponding statutes, which constitute the regulatory instrument of the rights and obligations of those who make up the Chamber and which can be examined by all those who are interested in being part of it.



The main objective of the Chamber is promote and facilitate bilateral, institutional, economic and commercial relations between Spain and Libya.

Spain began these relations in the 1960s and since then it has cooperated in different economic sectors. The process of change registered in Libya as a result of the Arab Spring has motivated a reformulation of the development cooperation policy, focusing on accompanying and supporting the processes of democratic change.

Libya is a country full of opportunities for Spanish entrepreneursTherefore, we offer meetings with companies in the country to collaborate and cooperate in the development of economic activities.


The Hispano-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Culture, Tourism and Sports, was constituted, with the purpose of creating an Organism with the main function of promoting and assisting in the strengthening of relations between both countries in commerce, industry, culture, tourism, health and sports.

The Libyan Embassy in Spain, was previously informed of the formation of the Chamber and showed its approval and enthusiasm, through the Ambassador His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Alfaqeed Saleh, (may he rest in peace), he guided all our efforts to be able to register posteriori our Chamber in Libya and meet the requirements of the Libyan government to become part of the Libyan Chamber network. The Libyan embassy in Spain was assisted by our Chamber in various cultural and business meetings in our country, which led to the signing of Agreements between both countries, both at a cultural, institutional and business level.

Faced with the new situation in Libya and in the world, we continue to work on bilateral relations between both countries, in person in Libya and online from Madrid, reconstruction in Libya is a reality and together we will overcome all barriers, health, conflicts , …… ..

Throughout its existence, the Chamber has managed to become a point of support for Libyan and Spanish Institutions and companies. Providing support and advice for their activities, when required.

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