Common services

The Chamber will regularly organize different events both in Spain and in Libya through which members will be able to access a series of services of interest for the development of their activity.

Import Export

From the Hispanic Libyan Chamber of Commerce we help your company to enter new export and import markets.

Public sector

The Chamber is constituted as an Organism to support public institutions in the development of their work in the Arab country.

Personalized on-site and online services

Our Entity has begun in 2020 to organize monographic meetings of different sectors and products, demanded by Libya, to be enumerated, live cattle, ceramics, health, etc.

We also offer tailor-made meetings to Spanish companies that are interested in marketing their products.

On-site and online trade missions

The Hispano-Libyan Chamber of Commerce promotes missions in Libya and Spain, for this, it has staff in both countries to offer its users on-demand services.

From the Hispanic Libyan Chamber of Commerce, we have online meetings for companies interested in new markets.


We have a training platform, from which we teach short courses of various subjects, some of these courses are aimed at women and young people, to help them develop professionally and focused mainly on business creation and self-employment.

Social work

Libyan Women NGO is our social work, from which we promote the empowerment of women, freedoms, training and work, as well as self-employment. We also develop projects to improve the lives of Libyan women and youth.

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